Social Media Strategy What?

Get your Social Media Strategy straight.
Setting this up as a test and a super fast way to share interesting articles, videos and other content related to Social Media and what to do with it.
About me
My name is Tomas Lundholm , swedish native, doing the internet thing since 1998. You can find me on Twitter LinkedIn Mashable and Klout

Let's start things up with a video - What is Social Media?

The basics for your strategy in Social Media


  • Why? What's your main purpose of going social?

  • Set up goals

  • Be serious and sincere

Be yourself!

  • It's not all about business. Dare to be personal and you gain your customers trust.

  • Even if you represent an organisation - be yourself!

  • Be serious - givers gain!

Sharing is caring!

  • Don't be afraid to share and give - all from dos and don'ts about your products to showing off examples of how other use your products/services (maybe even competitors).

  • Doesn't always have to be about your company or your product. Share other links/videos etc you find interesting and might be interesting to your followers.

  • Givers gain!

  • Don't spam! Sharing is good but don't over-do it.


  • Basicly: follow people that interests you. But it is always good to follow people doing what you do (great inspiration), clients and customers, inspirational people in general

  • The best way to gain followers is to follow others


  • Be active where you are. Throw yourself in to debates on Twitter, ask your Facebook page members questions and make sure you answer any questions asked, comment on other peoples posts on Google+.


  • It's not the brand with the most Facebook likes that wins - it's the one with the most engaged ones that does

  • Success don't come over night. Give your social strategy at least a couple of months and don't give up too easy!

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